Security Principles

Our vision of security is based on the 4 following principles:



To deter, specific preventive measures are put in place to discourage intruders from committing an undesired act.



If deterrence fails, detection comes into play. It is then necessary to detect a given event (your need) before an undesired act can be committed.



Once detected, the action must be delayed before it can be completed. Delaying the action will give a security team or the authorities more time* to intervene and stop the event in progress.



Why detect and delay if there is no resulting intervention? The intervention must be effective, otherwise, it’s useless. The parties responsible for the intervention must have the proper tools, the necessary knowledge of the site and its daily operations as well as the required skills to be able to intervene.

*Note: The intervention time required will vary depending on the nature of the event (i.e.: equipment sabotage vs. theft of precious objects or information.)

Our expertise in security as consultants allows us to accompany you throughout this process while taking into account your specific needs and budget limitations.

These principles are both technological and non-technological. To delay an intrusion, physical barriers and metal doors are helpful. A detector will do absolutely nothing to delay, but it’s still needed to detect the event so that it can be delayed. That’s why we may have partners who join forces with us to better your safety.

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