Protection contre l'intrusion

Intrusion Alarm Systems Residential and Commercial

Protection against intrusions is the process by which an intrusion is detected, information related to this intrusion collected and authorities alerted.


  • Protect an area (interior or exterior);
  • Protect property and/or people;
  • Protect information;


  • Intrusion alarm system linked to a monitoring enter;
  • Autoweb*;
  • Panic button;
  • Smoke detector;
  • Carbon monoxyde detector;
  • Motion detector (glass brake detector, shock sensor, etc.);
  • Water level detector;
  • Heat sensor;
  • Locksmithing;

*Our Autoweb solution combines a surveillance system, a triggering event (movement detection, triggered automated camera system, equipment failure, etc.) and a remote monitoring center that allows monitoring of your business anywhere at all times. Our Autoweb solution also allows a proactive intervention at the time of the event thus reducing the potential loss and/or costs of that event.

Our Autoweb solution helps different types of businesses:

  • Car dealers
  • Factories
  • Institutional sites;
  • Industrial companies;
  • Mining companies;
  • Small and medium-sized businesses;

View our Autoweb solution in action in these reports from TVA and TQS.

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