Contrôle d'accès

Access Control

Access control can be defined as the action of granting access to a location to a person that has been previously authorized entrance.


  • Identify people on premises in case of emergency;
  • Identify people present in a certain area;
  • Keep any unauthorized person from entering or exiting;
  • Integrate the access control system with human resources;
  • Monitor the comings and goings of employees;
  • Reduce costs related to key management and lock replacement;


  • Physical barriers (gate, fence, turnstile, door, elevator control, etc.);
  • Control (controller, door contact, siren, software, central database, etc.);
  • System management (user management, report, operational follow up, multiple site system management, etc.);
  • Locking mechanism (lock, electrical door opener, mortise, electromagnet, etc.);
  • Identification unit (key, keypad, card reader, fingerprint scanner, eye scanner, face recognition, etc.);
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